Management team

Management team

Michiel van der Eijk

Managing Director Ad Interim
I am proud to lead a sparkling group of highly motivated team members into their new future. We build upon the extensive technical skills and experiences of Martinair’s Engineering & Maintenance and have transferred that into a dedicated and operational high performing Embraer focused MRO. We have a strong base of Embraer aircrafts that we keep in top-shape day and night and are able to do that as an independent MRO being part of a the AF/KL Airline group. And we are looking forward to service new clients: you can rely on us!

Hans van Tiel

Manager Finance & Contracts
Finance & contracts is responsible for relationship management with customers and suppliers, contract management, the preparation and monitoring of invoices. For projects our responsibility is to guide the customer during the preparation, execution and aftercare of the project.

Mathieu Siewe

Safety & Compliance Manager
Safety & Compliance Management is responsible for the Safety Management System (SMS) of the RJC. In this context, the internal audit plan is executed, events are recorded and analyzed, incidents investigated, risks identified and measures initiated to improve. The department also has an important role in monitoring new regulations and advises you on this.

Yahya Ajgou

Director Aircraft Maintenance & Supporting Shops
Aircraft Maintenance is responsible for the execution of line maintenance on the Embraer 170, 175 and 190. The majority of the maintenance, except for turnaround services at Schiphol Centre, takes place in a large dedicated fully equipped Hangar on Schiphol East. To support these maintenance activities, we have a number of shops, such as but not limited to: an engine, interior, electrical and sheet metalwork shop.

Roy Hogg

Manager Material Unit   

As a Material Department, we are responsible for the availability, timely delivery and management of materials, tooling and equipment to serve aircraft maintenance execution in order to support the highest fleet availability of our customer. Important aspects of this are; Control, storage and issue of materials, tooling and equipment. Purchase, order and repair processes for materials, components, tooling and equipment. Inventory analysis and reporting. Supplier relationship, management &  transportation and logistics.

Monique Dekker

Manager Human Resources
The HR department contributes to the organizational objectives and policy by supporting, advising and facilitating management in the HR field. HR also takes care of the payroll administration and acts as a central point of contact for all HR related issues. This could include topics such as salary, pension, development of the organization or employees and working conditions.