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The Regional Jet Center is at the forefront of innovation.

The Regional Jet Center is a industry recognized frontrunner in innovation. From inspections with drones to augmented reality app for damage assessment, we are doing everything we can to make aircraft maintenance even faster, safer and more efficient.

Drone Inspections

Regional Jet Center is constantly looking for ways to provide you with even better, faster and safer service. Exploring the use of an automated drone for lightning strike inspections is one of them. This would allow us to inspect your entire aircraft for damage after a lightning strike and then provide the necessary documentation. Where this intensive process takes up to six hours on average, a drone, equipped with smart software, could reduce the ground time to one hour. We look forward to implementing this technology at RJC!

Maintenance 4.0

The Regional Jet Center is always innovating and evolving, because maintenance of the future starts today. We invest in innovative digital technologies that optimize our services and make them more efficient. For example, we are making great strides in the field of predictive maintenance: using data, we can predict when a failure might occur. We can then perform maintenance in a scheduled time slot, because prevention is better than correction when unwanted. This way of innovative working ensures that you will not be faced with unexpected aircraft downtimes or costs.

Electronic Signature

The Regional Jet Center is one of the first companies in the industry to implement the electronic signature of work performed. This electronic signature is in compliance with the Advanced Electronic Signature in accordance with Article 26 of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014. Our maintenance staff sign-off digital maintenance documentation with a PIN or fingerprint. A paperless, environmentally friendly solution that reduces the administration burden to a minimum and further reduces the ground time of your aircraft. Beside the electronic sign-offs, the electronic signature can be used to provide a digital Certificate of Release to Service (CRS) in e-Techlogs.

Augmented Reality Solutions

As an airline MRO, the Regional Jet Center is leading the way in applying new technology. We work closely with partners like Apple to leverage technology for more efficient maintenance. We are experimenting heavily with new technology such as augmented reality and aim to use it to improve processes so we can provide you with the fastest service. Our damage assessment application is the first example of this. With it, we are shortening damage assessment from three quarters of an hour to 1 minute. The Regional Jet Center is also investigating the possibilities of speech and image recognition and artificial intelligence.

Digital Archiving

The Regional Jet Center works efficiently. That is why our maintenance system AMOS is directly linked to our digital archive Flydocs. Once our mechanics have completed their paperwork digitally and provided an electronic signature, the maintenance file is automatically stored in the smart archive. As a result, we have digital replicas of all our maintenance files. The files are conveniently stored, making them easy to access. This simplifies administration so that we can serve you even faster with your requests. Moreover, this paper-saving solution is supporting our sustainability ambition.

3D Borescope Inspections

Using a borescope, Regional Jet Center inspects the inside of an engine or APU in detail to determine its condition. Our state-of-the-art borescopes capture the inside of the engine or APU in 3D on photo and video. With advanced software, we can then visualize the width, length and depth of any damage down to the hundredth of a millimeter and inform you in a well-considered manner whether a damage is within or outside the limits. Of course, we also advise you on the next steps to take.