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Engines and APU's

The Regional Jet Center ensures that your aircraft’s engines and APUs are, and stay, “healthy”. How? With attention to detail, expertise, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art tools.

The Regional Jet Center has everything you need for line maintenance repairs and modifications to Embraer and Boeing 737 engines. With our EASA, CAA and FAA approvals, we are authorized to declare engines serviceable, and we also provide full line maintenance. You can always contact the Regional Jet Center for troubleshooting. We will find out what the problem is and find a solution immediately.


The Regional Jet Center performs APU checks and inspections for you. If required, RJC can make the necessary repairs or modifications directly for you or swap out the APU.


Using a state of the art, 3D borescope, the Regional Jet Center inspects the inside of an engine or APU in detail to determine its health. What we see, we capture in photos and videos. Our borescopes can also show the inside of the engine or APU in 3D images. Want to learn more about 3D Borescope inspections? Visit Regional Jet Center’s INNOVATION page.

Comprehensive reporting

Regional Jet Center believes it is important that you have all the information about the condition of the engine or APU at hand. Therefore, the analysis and condition are reported to you in detail. In addition to the standard report, it is possible to request the full video borescope report, or even receive the 3D images for a complete picture.

End of lease-checks

When you use a leased engine, the Regional Jet Center can perform pre- and post-lease checks to determine the condition of the leased engine. The findings are recorded in reports provided to both you and the lessor. Has the condition of the engine deteriorated during the lease period? If so, you can contact the Regional Jet Center to make the necessary repairs.