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Several component workshops

The Regional Jet Center has multiple component workshops each capable of performing and releasing work on various components with an EASA Form 1 under the following Class C Ratings:

  • C4 Doors / Hatches
  • C5 Electrical Power & Lights
  • C6 Equipment
  • C7 Engine / APU
  • C8 Flight Controls
  • C13 Indicating / Recording Systems
  • C14 Landing Gear
  • C18 Protection ice / rain/ fire
  • C19 Windows
  • C20 Structural

Please contact us for any inquiries about component maintenance. 

Passenger seats


An aircraft seat is an object of use, which is why the Regional Jet Center checks the seats in your fleet for wear and tear at every maintenance service. If there is any damage, we will repair it or provide a replacement part. While we restore the seat to its original condition in our workshop, we place a replacement seat in your aircraft. In this way, we reduce ground time to a minimum and guarantee flight safety.


In addition to repairs, the Regional Jet Center performs modifications to aircraft seats. When a modification is required for a type of seat, we can perform it for all or part of your fleet.


We are happy to assist you with advice. Our years of experience and extensive expertise enable us to make valuable suggestions for optimal use and maintenance of your seats.

Cockpit Seats


A safe and comfortable seat is crucial for a pilot. The Regional Jet Center understands that. That is why the cockpit seat is subjected to a comprehensive check during every maintenance service. We check adjustments, repair any damage and provide replacement parts where necessary. We always place a replacement seat in the cockpit to minimize ground time. Any work done on a seat is done according to strict guidelines, as flight safety is paramount.


Our service does not stop at performing regular maintenance. We also carry out modifications for cockpit seats in your fleet and are happy to advise you on how to approach this.


We are happy to use our extensive experience and expertise to advise you on the optimization of your products.

Galley equipment

A well-functioning galley is essential for a pleasant flight, both for passengers and your cabin staff. That is why the Regional Jet Center checks the galley equipment in your aircraft at every maintenance service. From upholstery to (roller) doors, drawers and handles: your galley will be restored to its original condition in the shortest possible time. Repairs are often performed directly on board, but we also have a well-equipped workshop to perform more extensive work.

Cargo nets

Reliable cargo nets are necessary to prevent damage to cargo hold and passenger property. During flight, cargo nets take a lot of abuse. That’s why the Regional Jet Center checks the condition of your nets every time they are serviced. If they are damaged during a flight, they are repaired in no time at our in-house sewing shop. Regional Jet Center uses multiple approved suppliers for cargo net parts, minimizing repair costs.

Regional Jet Center performs cargo net inspections and repairs for Embraer as well as Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Composite interior parts

The wall panels, door panels and luggage bins in your aircraft can get damaged during daily use. In the event of damage to your interior parts, Regional Jet Center will make sure they are replaced immediately to minimize ground time. The damaged parts are taken apart, cleaned and repaired in our workshop. In our paint shop, the parts are then given a new top coat so they look like new again.