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Aircraft On Ground

An AOG is a costly affair. Every minute your aircraft is AOG, is one too many. The Regional Jet Center is able to correct the problem as quickly as possible. To do this, RJC has a dedicated Quick Response Team on standby. We guarantee a complete service 24/7: from technical content support to providing manpower, materials and tooling & equipment.


In case of an AOG, you want your aircraft to be back in service as soon as possible. The Regional Jet Center does everything possible to make this happen, combining fast service with high quality. We analyze the problem, arrange the necessary parts and deploy one or more qualified ground engineer(s) (AMT) to make on-site repairs. We do this through our proven Quick Response Team concept. Whether at Schiphol Airport or abroad. Our ground engineers are driven, experienced professionals who think in terms of solutions and go for the best quality. They have only one goal in mind: making sure your aircraft is back in operation as soon as possible.

Materials and components

During an AOG, it is important to have the necessary LRUs, consumables ready immediately. The Regional Jet Center has a wide range of parts for the Embraer E190 E170 and the E195-E2, from engine parts to interior parts. We also have a wide range of consumables at our disposal

AOG – Buying spare parts

Are you looking for parts for the Embraer E-jets? Ask us! We will be happy to provide you with a quote for selling, loaning or exchanging parts. We are a certified Part-145 organization and fully comply with the latest EASA laws and regulations.
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Tooling & Equipment

For repairs on an AOG, it is important for mechanics to have the proper tooling & equipment. The Regional Jet Center has all the tooling & equipment for the Embraer E-jet fleet  We can also arrange for them to be shipped to any location in the world on an AOG basis.