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Aircraft Maintenance

Europe's largest MRO

As Europe’s largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company of E-jet aircraft, Regional Jet Center is at your service day and night. You can call on us for line maintenance (ramp & transit) as well as A-checks, engine changes, landing gear changes and other checks in the hangar. We also perform sheet metal repairs and modifications to your E-jet fleet. Speed, quality and safety are our spearheads. 

Line Maintenance

An inspection of your aircraft on the ramp requires quick and skilled action. The Regional Jet Center provides experienced certifying staff who guarantee that every flight takes off on time and is safe.

Also, the Regional Jet Center is happy to serve you with line maintenance. We deliver both quality and speed. Our certifying staff have extensive experience performing technical inspections on the ramp. When we find safety-related problems, we solve them in the shortest possible time. We do this skillfully and quickly, ensuring your aircraft departs safely.


If you want to use the Regional Jet Center for line maintenance, you have several options to choose from. From fixed-fee to on-call contracts – you decide. Together we will come to an agreement that suits your needs.

Hangar Maintenance

RJC has a state-of-the-art hangar for performing hangar maintenance. For all checks and work requiring a hangar, RJC is the place to go. Speed, safety and quality are always the starting points.

As Europe’s largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company for E-jet aircraft, Regional Jet Center understands better than anyone that high fleet availability is essential. This is why we perform checks at night whenever possible. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to deliver fast, high-quality work and perform hangar maintenance within the specified time. Of course, safety comes first in this regard. You can also come to us for other major work such as engine and undercarriage changes or modifications.

Technical Support

The Regional Jet Center strives to perform maintenance and repairs on your aircraft as quickly as possible or, better yet, to prevent them. During work on your aircraft, maintenance specialists support Regional Jet Center certifying staff. They provide our staff with the necessary data, knowledge and technical advice. This results in optimal working methods and the shortest possible ground time. Also, in case of problems at outstations, the maintenance specialists are the support point for the MRO on location. Inflight crews can also always contact our maintenance specialists. If there are peculiarities during the flight or if cockpit or cabin crew have questions, we can be reached 24/7.


Need to make a modification to your fleet or on an individual aircraft? The Regional Jet Center arranges it and is happy to assist you with advice. We perform every conceivable modification: modifications of systems and sheet metal, software updates and changes to the interior of your aircraft, as well as individual aircraft components. The modifications are carried out at the same time as other checks, so there is no need to spend extra time on them. If you choose Regional Jet Center, you choose speed, safety and quality.

Sheet Metal Repairs

The Regional Jet Center employs ground engineers, mechanics and sheet metal workers with years of experience. They efficiently repair damage to your sheet metal and always strive for the most effective solution and the best quality.

RJC also has a all specialized tooling & equipment for sheet metal repairs. Through a damage assessment, a sheet metal worker – supported by structure engineers – analyzes the damage, after which a plan of action is made and executed. If necessary, RJC also arranges approval from the OEM. After establishing an Allowable Damage or performing a repair, RJC always performs an additional inspection of your aircraft and compliance information to ensure flight safety.